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We fully understand that when someone has passed away it is an extremely difficult time for family members and friends.  We are able to offer a number of services to assist you with estate administration.

1. We can just obtain the Grant of Representation to the Estate and once this has been obtained, we pass the same over to you for you to complete the rest of the work.  In most cases, this can be done on a fixed fee basis.

2. We can support the executors throughout the process whereby the executors choose which part of the process they wish to carry out themselves and those with which they require help.

3. We can deal with the full Estate administration from house clearance through to final distribution.

We can also assist you should complications arise during the probate process, for example, if someone raises a claim under the Inheritance Tax Act, if the validity of the Will is challenged by someone or if a dispute arises around the estate.

The costs for assisting you will depend upon the level of service which you feel is required.  We will provide you with a clear indication of our costs for each stage of the matter.  If we are assisting with just obtaining the Grant of Representation, we will charge for this on a fixed fee basis which will be quoted at the outset of the matter.

It can be difficult to give you an accurate estimate of the likely time an Estate will take to administer.  We will however do our best to provide you with timescales at the beginning of the matter.  If there is Inheritance Tax to pay on the Estate, the time the estate administration will take will be considerably lengthier than for an estate where there is no inheritance tax to pay.

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Contesting a Will

If you have been left out of a Will or think the Will is wrong in some way, you might want to contest it.  Contesting a Will can feel daunting but we have the expertise to support you throughout the process.  We can help you determine:

  • if the Will is invalid;
  • if the deceased made the Will at a time when they had lost mental capacity to manage their own affairs;
  • whether or not they approved the content of the Will;
  • if the deceased was pressured or coerced when making the Will;
  • if the Will was forged.

We can also help you if you are the Executor of an Estate who is defending a contested Will.

Disputes over Wills can be sensitive matters between family and loved ones.  At EMD Law LLP we have the expertise to guide you through the process and will always strive to resolve your dispute as smoothly as possible.




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