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Sale and Purchase of Property

We can offer a comprehensive and expert service in handling the conveyancing kent for your sale or purchase of a property.

Your Sale

As soon as you decide to sell get in touch with us so that we can get together the necessary documentation.

Once you have a Buyer we will send the draft contract to the Buyer’s Conveyancers and help you deal with any enquiries that are raised.

We will deal with exchange of contracts at which stage you will be committed to sell and the Buyer to purchase and at this stage the completion date will be fixed. This is normally between fourteen to twenty-eight days from the date of exchange of contracts.

Between exchange of contracts and completion we will deal with the transfer document and if you have a mortgage on your property, we will obtain and agree with you the final amount due to the lender.

Our conveyancing solicitors kent will deal with the transfer of the property and the funds and the discharge of any mortgage from the sale proceeds. Normally you will be required to move out by the completion date and give vacant possession of your property to the Buyer.

Your Purchase

Let us know as soon as you have a property to buy and we will then get in touch with the Sellers' Our conveyancing solicitors kent to request the draft contract and supporting documents.

We will make searches that will include those of the local and drainage authorities and normally an environmental search is made. We will make the appropriate inquiries of the Sellers' Conveyancers.

We will advise you on the draft contract and the result of the various searches and inquiries and will check the instructions that we receive from your lender where you require a loan to assist you in buying the property.

We will deal with the exchange of contracts. At this stage, you will be required to pay a deposit which is normally between 5% and 10% of the purchase price. Also at this stage the completion date is fixed. In exchange for contracts, you will be committed to buy and the Seller to sell.

We will prepare the necessary form to be submitted to H M Revenue and Customs in respect of stamp duty land tax and we will ask you to check and sign the form.

When you are taking out a mortgage we will obtain your signature on the mortgage documents and the necessary funds from the lender.

We will deal with the transfer document and make a final search of the Land Registry and then on the completion date deal with the transfer of the property and the balance of the purchase price to the Sellers' Conveyancers and at completion, you will be entitled to the keys of the property.

Following completion of the transaction, we will submit the appropriate form to H M Revenue and Customs together with the stamp duty land tax that is payable and we will then deal with the registration of the transfer to you at the Land Registry together with any mortgage you have taken out.


Important Notice:

We are currently unable to act on the purchase of leasehold flats, where the building exceeds 5 storeys or 11 metres in height.  This is as a direct result of new legislation (The Building Safety Act 2022 and Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022) that was introduced after the Grenfell tragedy in 2017 which has caused complexities in regulations and mortgage lender requirements.

Further guidance is awaited from both the government and mortgage lenders as to how we can proceed with such transactions.  Until then, we are unable to act on the purchase of properties that fall into this category.

The new legislation may have implications if you are looking to buy a leasehold flat or if you own a leasehold flat that you are looking to sell, remortgage or transfer equity.

For more information please contact us to discuss further.

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