Other Legal Services in the UK

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Other Legal Services in the UK

We are able to offer a number of other legal services in the UK including:

Change of Name Deeds

We can take the initial instructions by telephone and draft a Change of Name Deed ready for your signature.  We will need you to provide documentation to verify your identity. We will provide you with the original plus however many certified copies you require. Our fee is £130 plus VAT and disbursements for an adult Change of Name Deed and £180 plus VAT and disbursements for a Change of Name Deed for a child.  

Statutory Declarations

We are able to prepare Statutory Declarations on your behalf and the fee for this will depend on the length of time taken to prepare the document. We are also able to swear Statutory Declarations at a fee of £5 for the Declaration and £2 per exhibit.


We can certify documents to confirm that a document is a true copy of that a photograph is a true identity. We always need to make a copy of the document ourselves and would need to have the original. If we are certifying a photograph the person who the photograph is of will need to attend in person.


We can also swear other documents such as affidavits at a fee of £5 for the document and £2 per exhibit.

It is not always necessary to make an appointment for swearing and certification but we cannot guarantee that a solicitor will be available if you attend our offices without one. We would recommend that you telephone our offices to check that a solicitor will be available.

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