Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

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Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

The Civil Partnership Act came into force on the 5 December 2005 so that same-sex couples can make a formal, legal commitment to each other by forming a Civil Partnership.

A Civil Partnership can be dissolved after one year.  The procedure for dissolution is very similar to the procedure for Divorce, although with the dissolution of a Civil Partnership there is no ground of adultery.  Also, financial provision and matters relating to children are very similar to those in respect for Divorce.  If you require further information regarding this please look at our Divorce and Financial Remedy Proceedings page (LINK) or contact us to discuss.

At EMD Law LLP we appreciate the difficulties faced by individuals whose lives have been turned upside down by the breakdown of a Civil Partnership.  We are a friendly firm staffed by real people with real life experiences, making us able to relate to the emotional trauma of such a disruption to everyday life and provide the best advice and guidance possible.

Our lawyers understand the difficulties that arise when trying to reach an agreement regarding the financial aspect of the dissolution (financial remedy proceedings) and we have a wealth of experience in assisting and advising you on an appropriate financial settlement.  Financial settlement can include sale or transfer of property, maintenance payments, a lump sum payment and pension sharing/attachment order.

With our clients as our priority, we promote settlement and mediation where possible, thus avoiding any escalation of unnecessary costs.  We will only advise our clients to issue financial Court proceedings when it is absolutely necessary.

Please refer to our fact sheets in the downloads section under 'Divorce and Finances', which will provide you with further information as the process is similar to the Dissolution of Civil Partnerships.

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If you require further information regarding this please look at our Divorce and Financial Remedy Proceedings page or contact us to discuss.

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