Residential Sale Pricing


Residential Sale Pricing

Whether you are a first-time buyer, moving home or buying a home as an investor we will guide you through each step of your transaction and tailor our service to suit your requirements, providing high quality but value for money service.  We will keep you regularly advised so that you make informed decisions and will always be available to answer any questions that you may have regarding the transaction.

We are proud to hold the CQS accreditation issued by the Law Society which is only awarded to solicitors who can show that they maintain the highest standards of conveyancing and client care at all times.


Important Notice:

We are currently unable to act on the purchase of leasehold flats, where the building exceeds 5 storeys or 11 metres in height.  This is as a direct result of new legislation (The Building Safety Act 2022 and Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022) that was introduced after the Grenfell tragedy in 2017 which has caused complexities in regulations and mortgage lender requirements.

Further guidance is awaited from both the government and mortgage lenders as to how we can proceed with such transactions.  Until then, we are unable to act on the purchase of properties that fall into this category.

The new legislation may have iplications if you are looking to buy a leaseholdflat or if you own a leasehold flat that you are looking to sell, remortgage or transfer equity..

For more information please contact us to discuss further.



We will usually work on a fixed fee basis so that you know what fees will be incurred.  If there is a new development during the transaction which will change the fee charged we will discuss with you and agree a way forward. Our fees will cover all the work required to complete the sale of your new home.

Residential Freehold Sales:



Up to £250,000


£250,001 to £450,000


£450,001 to £750,000


£750,001 to £1,000,000


Over £1,000,000

Please contact us direct

Residential Leasehold Sales:



Up to £250,000


£250,001 to £450,000


£450,001 to £750,000


£750,001 to £1,000,000


Over £1,000,000

Please contact us direct


These are any costs related to your matter which are payable to third parties. We will handle the payment of disbursements on your behalf.  The disbursements we anticipate are set out below. However, this list is not exhaustive and other disbursements may become payable – we will inform you of these as and when they arise.

Property Search fees

£400 approx (plus VAT)

Official copy entries




We do not provide tax advice, which you should obtain from an accountant or tax specialist if required.

Our fees are fixed but there may be factors which could increase the cost.  Where this is likely we will inform you at the earliest possible opportunity.  The following factors could result in an increase to the fixed cost quoted:

  • If a legal title is defective or part of the property is unregistered;
  • If the matter is considerably more complicated than initially considered;
  • If you require an accelerated service;
  • If you have not provided previously requested crucial documentation.



Timescales are difficult to predict as they are subject to change depending on a number of factors. However, the average process takes around 10-14 weeks but do bear in mind that it can be quicker/slower depending on the parties in your chain. Other key factors that may affect timescales are:

  • Whether or not the buyer has a mortgage in place;
  • Whether or not the Searches flat any issues;
  • Whether or not the buyer’s survey shows up any issues;
  • Enquiries raised by the buyer’s solicitors;
  • The number of parties in the chain.


Key Milestones

  • We will take your instructions and give initial advice based on the information provided to us.  We will issue you with a client care letter and accompanying documentation.
  • We will draft contracts of sale and other necessary documentation;
  • We will send contracts of sale to your buyer’s solicitor and deal with any enquiries they may raise;
  • We will advise you on any documentation and information we receive;
  • We will finalise the contract and send to you for your signature;
  • We will set a mutually agreeable completion date;
  • We will exchange contracts and notify you when this has happened;
  • We will complete the sale, redeem any mortgage you may have, pay Estate Agent fees and our fees and disbursements.


Our Team

We have an experienced team who understand the stress involved in buying, selling or re-mortgaging your property.

Robert Taylor is a Solicitor, Partner of EMD and head of conveyancing.  He has over 40 years of experience in conveyancing, both residential and commercial and is competent in all areas of conveyancing. Contact Robert on 01424 420261.

Nicola Bradley is a Conveyancing Executive with 30 years of conveyancing experience, dealing with freehold and leasehold sales and purchases and more.  Contact Nicola on 01580 890600 or 01424 420261.

Mustafah Shekib has over 8 years of residential conveyancing experience, dealing with freehold and leasehold sales and purchases, re-mortgages, transfers of equity and more.  Contact Mustafah on 01580 890600 or 01424 420261.

All members of staff in the Conveyancing department are supervised by Robert Taylor.  Robert is a Partner of the firm and Head of the Conveyancing Department.


Additional Fees:


All clients will be required to pay an onboarding fee of £15.00 plus VAT where we are acting for a sole client and £25.00 plus VAT where acting for joint clients.


If your transaction requires us to send money to you by Telegraphic Transfer, you will be charged £36.00 plus VAT to do so.


It would not normally be necessary to undertake other work or incur other costs other than those described above.  However, we would be very happy to provide you with a more tailored quote for all stages of your particular case once we know about your specific circumstances.

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