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Dispute Resolution

It is an unfortunate fact of life that disputes can arise from all kinds of situations. At EMD Law we are experienced in handling the disputes and achieving the best outcome for our clients. There are a wide range of civil litigation disputes and it would be impossible to detail every one individually as they differ vastly depending on the individual facts. However, we have set out below examples of the disputes we can advise and assist you with:

Canine Law disputes

Neighbour Disputes
Disputes arising from Breach of Contract
Disputes arising from Sale of Goods
Debt Recovery
Professional Negligence Claims
Landlord & Tenant Disputes
Boundary Disputes
Contesting a Will or Probate


This list is not exhaustive and if your dispute does not fall within one of the above categories it does not mean that we cannot assist you.

We always promote settlement without the intervention of the Court but often this is not possible and we will be able to deal with your case throughout the Court proceedings thus taking the stress away from you.

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